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- My journal is very image-heavy.
- I'm a big animal-lover. I talk a lot about my birds.
- I'm in the process of getting my Genetics/Cell Biology degree, so there may be school-related whining during the term.
- If you never comment, you're not likely to hear from me all that often.


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I'm pretty upset and stressed out about school. I already look forward to my reading break (two weeks from now) so I can do some major damage-control. The one thing that I'm going to miss about the Vancouver Olympics is the extra week we got off in February :(

On the other hand, have some Harley pictures that I took today:

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Real Entry:


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Here’s a quick summary of my life since my last update:

- I had a really terrible time with course registration this year. I was pretty much told that I wasn’t smart enough for my major. I haven’t given up on myself yet, so it pisses me off that others already have. I’m usually the first to underestimate my abilities, so what gives?

- I'm doing it anyway.

- My jaw realignment/orthodontic work is becoming a nightmare. I don’t see any improvement in the two teeth that are not aesthetically prefect, yet my other splendid, wonderful, correct teeth are being moved around for seemingly no reason at all. I’m hoping there’s a greater picture at the end of all of this, but in the meantime when I talk my upper molars grind against my lower molars and not only does it hurt, but I have a lisp on top of my already obvious accent.

- I'm now officially platinum blond. I haven't been this blond since the seventh grade, and I actually kind of like it.

- I've been spending almost all of my free time with my cousin. Today we went to the pool and to tan, and had a really fabulous time. We're drinking and partying a lot (responsibly), and it feels like I'm having the kind of summer that you're supposed to have at seventeen. I hope it never ends.

- Bayonetta is a really stupid game. I'm so glad that I didn't pay for it.

- We're going on vacation for a week starting on the 30th. We're probably going to head more into the inland of BC for a few days, and then we'll take a trip over to Banff. In light of such awesome, I finally bought myself a new mp3 player. I didn't realize how starved for music I was until I bought it. My old faithful Samsung died a peaceful death of natural causes this past spring, and I've missed him dearly. My new one will also play video! Le yay! Road trip!

- I come back from my trip with just enough time for Anime Evolution. I'm not really looking forward to the convention aspect of it for some reason (maybe because I have no new costumes to show?) but I look forward to being with my girlfriends all weekend long.

- A week after the convention, we're going to Jamaica for our annual 'somewhere warm' vacation. We keep changing the location from the Dominican Republic, to Mexico to Jamaica, but it seems like Jamaica is going to be the winner. At the very least, we've already contacted our travel agent about it and we're waiting for a response.

- I'm seeing Cirque du Soleil on the 24th of August, and I'm already stupidly excited. I know that I'm going to cry really hard mostly because it will be beautiful, and partly because I can only afford to see it once until it comes back in two years. It's unfair that something that I love so much is so scarce around these parts. Stupid Vancouver and it's lack of culture.

- I'm still being treated like shit at work. I'm going to call in sick during my vacation and let whatever may happen simply happen. I'm sure I can get another job if it comes down to it.

Lastly, here are the long-overdue Tao pictures that Alex and I did one warm, summery day! We're *hoping* to finally shoot my Edward FMA costume sometime before the end of summer. I'm really eager to pay tribute to what has been one of my most beloved teen-years series of all time.

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Before I post the rest of the SakuraCon pictures, here, have a fine example of my excellent parenting skills:

I totally entrusted my eleven-year-old sister into Pedobear's excellent care. And people keep telling me to have kids someday, oh lol. U guise!

Psst, photo by Alex.



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