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Birthdate:May 9

Made of Stardust

I'm Mortelle and I'm just your average twenty-one-year-old geek. In retrospect, it probably began when my dad (in his infinite dismay over the fact that I was born female) bought me a Sega Genesis with nothing but a single Mortal Kombat ROM - I was four years old. In his attempt to turn me into a boy, he instead made me into one terribly geeky child.
I'm pretty easy-going (despite popular belief), an aspiring geneticist, a science-enthusiast, a loud-mouthed Atheist and probably best described as a bundle of unpopular opinions.

What to Expect.
Parrot talk → I own five parrots and I like them more than I like most people (despite the constant screeching); I'll talk about them at nauseum if you give me the opportunity. So don't. Unsurprisingly, I volunteer at a parrot rescue shelter and if there‚Äôs anything that can make my inner cold-hearted Russian crumble, it is a bird in need.

Extra-related nonsense → I currently work as an extra for the Vancouver Film and Television Industry, so this blog contains a lot of entries about my experiences on set. I don't believe in filters, but if you're here solely for the not-so-juicy movie gossip, the handy 'extra work' tag is your friend.

Atheism & science → I'm unapologetic about my dislike of religion, if this upsets you, this is not the place for you. I'm a firm believer of evolutionary theory and an astrophysicist at heart. Science has always played a pivotal role in my life, therefore there are a lot of atheistic/scientific undertones in my writing.

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