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The first few days with Petri have gone pretty smoothly. On occasion I'll call him Koko, or I'll have a dream in which we find Koko and introduce him to Petri. I can't say that I miss Koko any less, and for all the kindness and tameness that Petri has, I wouldn't hesitate to trade him for my grouchy, bitchy Koko. However, I know that I won't ever be seeing him again, so in the meantime I'm really enjoying this little guy's company. Having him around makes things easier. Since he is already so tame I really don't have to worry about getting my fingers bitten off if I do something wrong. He's very delicate and friendly.

My grandmother got home from her trip and was pleasantly surprised. Of course, she too made a comment about how he isn't 'pretty like Koko' but I'm becoming a lot less defensive lately. Because when it really comes down to it, he's my bird, I enjoy him, and I can't say that I care for what you think about him.

Cockatiels look so weird from the front. Fun!fact they can never see their own nose/beak area because its entirely in their blind spot.

I title this one: Majestic Cock.

The lighting is a little wonky here because he lives in an oddly lit part of the house D= Sry.

This is his current cage set-up. He lives in our second living room because the first is occupied by Harley (and the upstairs belongs to the budgies).

Speak of the devil! He's being very good lately. Kind of clingy (probably because he sees me with another bird sometimes) but I make it a note to spend just as much time with him. I'm so glad that I have this little Quaker-butt in my life =) While I don't mind caring for older/sick birds, it's nice to have one guy with whom I pretty much got a clean slate. I'm the one that's completely shaping his health and his future, and not some moron who's been feeding him nothing but sunflower seeds for the past decade. It's nice to have one young, healthy bird (okay so Harvey is young and healthy too, but she hates me D= ).

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